Our Mission

Delta’s core mission is to improve the lives of our students. We are committed to providing excellence in training and education that not only ensures our graduates are technically competent on the first day of their job, but also instills in them the capacity to grow in their careers.

We welcome a diverse student body with different educational and life experiences and believe every student has the capacity to learn and embrace a brighter future. It is our responsibility to ensure each student is successful regardless of their individual learning needs, sociological background or family tradition.

Often serving as our students' bridge to the middle class, we take great pride in our long history of changing futures and changing lives.

We are:

  • Ethical - striving every day to follow the Golden Rule.
  • Compliant - recognizing that as a Title IV participating institution, we must always demonstrate we are vigilant stewards of the public trust.
  • Empathetic - understanding and embracing the unique needs of our students who often come from difficult life circumstances, with little or no higher education tradition in their families.
  • Serious - believing we have a vocation, not merely a job, that uses tried and true methods, enhanced by technology, to continually evolve and improve our student learning and support environment.

We believe in:

  • Transformation - of every student academically, personally and professionally.
  • Innovation - to leverage disruptive technologies and teaching methods to address the individualized needs of our learners.
  • Data - to objectively diagnose and address the unique barriers to individual student success.
  • Continuous Improvement - to get better every day at what we do.
  • Service - to our students and our communities through relevant education programs and volunteerism.